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Reserving Boats Using Boathouse Connect

Make a Reservation 

Boat Reservations using Boathouse Connect must be made using the website. It is recommended that reservations are made in advance, as there is no "Check out to water" or "Check In Boat" functionality for this software. Rowers can log into the Boathouse Connect website and make reservations using the tablet at the Boathouse.

To Reserve a boat, follow these instructions.

Watch a Video

Short Video on how to reserve a boat using Boathouse Connect.

An additional Video on how to cancel a boat reservation using Boathouse Connect.

A Video demonstrating how to report an issue with a boat.

Report an Incident

If you notice something about a boat (damage or something not working), or have something happen while rowing in a boat. Please report the incident in BHC. Here is a Video also showing how.