US Rowing Waiver

The Rivanna Rowing Club (RRC) requires that all rowers participating in club programs and using club facilities have on file a currently active USRowing Release of Liability waiver. Unfortunately, USRowing waivers are maintained separately by and reported to our club administrator, creating an extra step in administration. This step is needed to add your name to our club’s limited insurance policy through USRowing. Hence, all members are required to complete the USRowing waiver and basic USRowing membership process (~$10 per year).

Because our club membership operates on a calendar year (Jan 1 – Dec 31), it is easiest from an administrative perspective to renew both your club membership and your USRowing waiver simultaneously, as our members are required to maintain an active waiver for the duration of the calendar year. Each waiver lasts for 1 year from the date you sign up (which may be different from the calendar year). To ensure your waiver status covers the entire calendar year, it is helpful to renew your USRowing waiver at the same time as your RRC club membership. Rest assured that even if you renew your USRowing waiver early, the new expiration date will be calculated 1 year from the current expiration date, keeping you on the same cycle as when you first signed up (you can verify the new date on USRowing’s website).

To Join USRowing please go to , and Join. You should be able to enter Rivanna Rowing Club (Club Code CA93J) to join our Club.