Guest Rowers

Applies to any nonmember using club or privately owned equipment at any time.

Rivanna Rowing Club welcomes qualified guest rowers. In order to ensure the safety of all rowers, the safe handling of all equipment (club-owned or privately owned), and the smooth integration of guests into ongoing club and collegiate rowing programs, please follow the rules and procedures listed below.

Guest rowing is reserved primarily for visitors to the area who wish to row under the constant guidance of an RRC member for a limited period of time. It is not a “drop-in” membership for area rowers who simply wish to row occasionally (in club or private boats) without the benefits of a full club membership.

Guests seeking to row club equipment, to row a member’s boat (with or without the member), or to use their own boats at RRC facilities (including the boathouse and dock) must be sponsored by an RRC member in good standing.

Guest sponsorship and use of facilities are privileges that will be considered on an individual basis; many factors may cause a request to be denied at any time.

A guest must secure a member’s sponsorship well in advance of the desired date(s) for rowing, as the sponsor must in turn secure advance approval from a designated RRC board member.


Guest fees for use of club equipment are $20 per row, with a maximum of 5 rows permitted per year.

Guests using privately owned boats are not required to pay a fee but may choose to make a donation to the club. Guests using privately owned boats are also limited to 5 rows per year.

Responsibilities of Sponsoring Club Member

The club member who sponsors a guest rower will be fully responsible for him/her at all times.

BEFORE ANY GUEST GETS ON THE WATER, it is the responsibility of the sponsoring club member to ensure that the guest:

Sponsors of guests using club equipment must reserve that equipment for their guest(s) in the Equipment Reservation log.

In any case of damage to club property, the incident must be reported immediately to a board member, and the sponsor is liable for the cost of repairs.

Guests must be escorted by their sponsor (afloat and ashore) when using club equipment.

Guest Rower Form

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