About our Boathouse

Virginia rowing’s Thomas Temple Allan Boathouse is located on the west bank of the Rivanna Reservoir. The reservoir provides five miles of calm, protected water with no power boat traffic.  The boathouse is situated on a hill overlooking the reservoir and inclused a paved driveway, parking lot for 50 cars, and heated bathrooms and showers.   RRC has facilities for both indoor and outdoor private boat storage.

UVA's boathouse and training facilities have not gone unnoticed by the rowing community. Both the United States’ Under 23 National Team and New Zealand Olympic rowing team have trained on the Rivanna Reservoir. UVA has also hosted several US Rowing national development camps.

The reservoir provides five miles of calm water only
4.5 miles from UVA Grounds. Built at the crest of a hill, the boathouse provides a commanding view of the reservoir.

Getting to the Boathouse

RRC rows out of the Thomas Temple Allan Boathouse, at 276 Woodlands Road, Charlottesville VA  22901:

About VRA

Virginia Rowing Association (VRA), the sponsors of the UVA Men’s crew team, own the property and associated Boathouse, granting use to RRC (masters and juniors), UVA Women’s team and the Albemarle High School Rowing team. 

UVA Women’s and Men’s crews have priority over RRC in use of the boathouse, dock, and reservoir’s traffic capacity.  VRA can revoke privileges of use of the property by any individual RRC member, guest, and/or RRC as a whole, if conduct is not in compliance with VRA or RRC guidelines.