Self-Organized Rowing

RRC members who meet the requirements in the RRC Handbook can self-organize their own crews, reserve club equipment, and arrange for (paid or volunteer) coxswains.


Ability to swim for water safety

Paid RRC Membership for the program year

Execution of the current year’s USRowing waiver

Passed the Captain’s Test 

Paid the Boat Checkout Privileges Fee — required for anyone or any groups planning to check out and row RRC-owned boats outside of a coached program


Adults: a club double (2x) or four (4+) can include members who have not yet taken the Captain’s Test, as long as the rower in the bow seat and coxswain have had extensive experience and have passed the Captain’s Test. A club quad (4x) requires two members have have extensive experience and have passed the Captain’s Test.

Juniors: may not row alone. However, they may row in crews with experienced adult members who meet above eligibility requirements. Junior Members may row in 2x’s or 1x’s only if the Junior has passed the RRC Captain’s Test, and only under supervision by experienced adult members or other authorized adult supervision.