Sweep Boats

Hudson 2011 Hammerhead midweight four bow-coxed

Vespoli Advantage Performer 2006 four with cox

Sykes 2005 HKC four with cox

Shared use with University of Virginia Rowing

Two Quantum King (2003-4) eights with cox

(refurbished in 2015)

Two Vespoli 1999 Racer eights with cox

Rowing barge for sweep training 

Sculling Boats

Swift 2015 Elite 406 midweight quad

Swift 2014 Elite 406 midweight quad

Hudson 2011 Hammerhead midweight double

Peinert X25 2007 lightweight racing single

Wintech 2006 lightweight racing single

Wintech 2005 midweight racing double

Peinert X25 – 2001 lightweight racing single

Two Peinert 26 – 2001 mid/heavyweight singles

Hudson 1998 lightweight racing double

Peinert 26 – 1996 mid/heavyweight single 

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