iCrew Member Portal

Membership is managed through icrew


Registering on iCrew

 This is test about registering.  I wonder if I can put a group witin a gruop

Signing Up For Programs

Changing your personal information

Reserving Boats Using iCrew

Make a Reservation (Video Instructions)

Watch this video to learn hot to make a boat reservation in iCrew

Reserving Boats using your phone or computer

You can log in from a web browser on your computer or phone, or you may download the iCrew app. If you are at the boathouse, you may use the tablet at the desk to reserve and check in/check out boats.

Note: if you need to change your email address or have trouble logging in, contact support@rivannarowing.org

If using your phone or computer,

Go to https://icrew.club/logon and log in using your personal account. You may also download the app for iPhone or Android.

Reserving and Checking In/Out boats using the boathouse kiosk

If accessing iCrew in from the boathouse tablet

You do not need to log in. You just need to select your name from the member list on the One-the-water Page.